1500 ML Points* added to your account, to use as you wish!


That’s right, when you come in to any Matthew Luke Professional salon throughout September and October we will add 1500 ML Points to your account, to spend as you see fit!

You could use them on some of your favourite products, from brands such as Redken, Pureology, Baxter of California and Shu Uemura or you could even put them towards an Award Winning Blow Dry Pass.

We would suggest putting some of them towards the first month’s subscription of a new look Black Card VIP Membership.

That’s right, for only 900 of these free points you could continue to receive the improved monthly promotions and upgraded in-salon experience and still have 600 points left to treat yourself! The possibilities are endless!

To find out more about the new and improved Black Card VIP Membership, click here


October Promotion Terms and Conditions:

  • Reward points will only be added to account when guest visits the salon in September and October
  • Reward points will only be added once to a guest’s account, to the total value of 1500 points
  • If guests do not subscribe to the new Black Card VIP membership, then the guest’s original membership will expire on 31st October and they will no longer be able to claim the monthly promotions

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