Unlimited Men’s Haircuts

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Putting Men in a better position



With servicing over 2000 Male Guests a month, Matthew Luke Professional have spotted a clear demand.

It’s 2016 and a haircut no longer lasts 6 weeks. Our aim is to make hair cuts look like they never need doing.

Ask yourself – are you happy walking around for a period of time in between visiting your Barber/Stylist with a haircut that needs doing? Even if it’s a ‘clean up on the edges’, a ‘back and sides taken shorter’ or even just ‘thinned and textured’?

From now on, you can visit ANY Matthew Luke Professional Salon at ANY time, ANY day for the full maintenance of your hair – You could have a haircut every day if you wanted!

We also have a package for the super groomed man. Love our cut throat shave service? You can now have UNLIMITED shaves and hair cuts with The Barber Club.

Never shave at home again and start taking care of your face with our 5 step shaving routine from Baxter of California, all for 1 low monthly cost. It’s all about putting our Male Guests in a better position!


Unlimited Haircuts – Only £45 per month

Unlimited Haircuts and Shaves – Only £80 per month

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Terms and Conditions: Barber Club subscribers must provide full contact details. The Barber Club account will only begin once the DD confirmation is complete. The first instalment is paid in the salon then future payments collect on the 10th of each month. All subscribers can visit ANY Matthew Luke Professional salon. All subscribers can visit ANY date / time. All cancelation of subscriptions require a 30 day notice email to (cancellations@matthewlukehair.co.uk). There are to be a maximum of Five (5) appointments to be booked at one time. The Barber Club subscription can only be used by the registered Barber Club member, it can not be used by Friends and Family unless they have their own subscription.